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The new WordPress editor

My God.

You’ve changed something that didn’t need to be changed. Once again.

Let’s see: You’ve moved post settings to the right. I’ve been on WP for almost a year and the lefty leftness of the post settings is something burned into my mind. Now you’ve moved it to the right, which is nigh-on blasphemy. My left-in-all-respects brain cannot handle this!

Now we’ve also got tons and tons of white space around the editor. It looks as ugly and unprofessional as the post settings looks plain. If you really power 27% of the internet as you claim, you could go for a much sleeker look rather than lock up a bunch of GCSE IT pupils for an hour with only the web layout option on Word. On a computer running Vista.

What are you going to do next? Change the logo to a modernist W farted out in roughly two seconds by an overpaid design consultant in the city? That’s probably what you’ll do. I’m surprised you haven’t had any angry letters from a certain German automobile manufacturer yet.

For the last time: If it’s not broke- don’t bother fixing it!

EDIT: Interestingly, the “WordPress” in the title autocorrected to the official CamelCase version. I have no use for CamelCase. Why force it on random bloggers?



Your quirky little error messages aren’t cute

So you’re doing work on the computer and a message pops up:

“Oops, there’s been an error. Maybe such and such will help.”

It’s not cute nor does it display a personality other than annoying. Yes, it’s on WordPress too, every time I try to view a new post! It makes me wish for the days of “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down”. Yes, as a kid I genuinely thought that the police would be notified despite the computer not being connected to the internet.

But it’s still better than this rubbish. The last thing I want when I encounter an error, especially a major one, is the computer being all bright and chipper. “Oops, your USB drive has been reformatted. Sorry about that.” I try to keep the blog 12A but there’s really two words for that: Fuck and You.

Microsoft keeps pushing the envelope- I mean Edge

Another trip to the brilliant /r/assholedesign, another round of Microsoft fuckery.


Yes, Microsoft is using its own search engine to push Edge propaganda to new Windows 10 users looking for a completely unrelated rival browser. And before you say “well, Google advertises Chrome too”, not on searches for Firefox it doesn’t. To my knowledge anyway, I use both ABP and Ublock Origin. And anyway, Microsoft take it a step further with actual video ads taking up the entire screen! How explicitly pushy can you get? I still half expect them to uninstall rival browsers without user permission.

And here’s a hint for those who use Firefox and DON’T want to use Edge for PDFs- drag the downloaded PDF from the downloads tab into a new tab. Show Microsoft you want nothing to do with this retooled Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has officially gone too far

I love /r/assholedesign even though it’s updated rather infrequently. One of the new posts, however, is VERY incriminating towards a certain Redmond-based company…

Basically, new Windows units no longer let you select your preferred browser at install. It’s Edge as standard. “Well,” I hear you say. “Easy, I’ll just use it once to get Firefox or Chrome.”

“I don’t think so!” I hear Edge reply. Take a look at THIS:


That’s right, /u/Mrunibro used both Firefox and Edge to access the Chrome website. Guess which one “can’t reach it”? Either Edge is playing up or (more likely given what we know of their tactics) it is OUTRIGHT BLOCKING ACCESS TO INSTALL RIVAL BROWSERS, WHICH GOES BEYOND “ASSHOLE DESIGN” AND INTO BEING ILLEGAL. They clearly didn’t learn their lessons from the IE and 7 fiascos. One day I half expect to wake up and find my beloved Firefox gone from my system without an explanation.

Nobody wants to use the successor to a browser with such a horrible reputation, Microsoft. So stop bullying us into it.

Microsoft at it again!

Microsoft forcing software onto its users again
Courtesy of the brilliant /r/AssholeDesign on Reddit:


This is just par for the course for the men, women and others from Redmond. We all know about how they forced Internet Explorer on Windows users for many years. They had to be sued to end the practice. Not learning their lesson, years later they began bullying people into installing Windows 10, sometimes even without their permission. They ended up in court again over it after an older system was irrepairably damaged by an update the user didn’t even ask for. Now they’re at it again with Edge.

Edge, not to be confused with the gaming magazine or the retired professional wrestler, is Microsoft’s supposedly “new and improved” successor to IE. In the Anniversary Update, it turned Edge into the default PDF reader even if one had a reader installed on ses other browser. Now it’s going further, with what’s likely a blatant lie to boot. What next, a popup every time you open Firefox or Chrome saying “upgrade to Edge now”?

The brainchip

It is my belief that in the future we will all have a tiny microchip embedded in our brains from birth. I visualise it as a universal communication system not unlike today’s smartphones, controllable with the mind.

With the obvious phone feature I see the first iterations of the brainchip supporting only standard voice calls, but the possibility of calling people “telepathically” is not out of the question. Messaging and internet access would also come as standard. Could you imagine searching the internet with your mind, merely thinking “hotels in London” and getting a ton of results instantly? I think that would be pretty mindblowing and I would not put it past Google testing it right now. As for leisure it would be possible to have a pedometer/sleep analyser app not unlike the Fitbit. Music would be pumped into the brain, able to be taken off one’s computer, downloaded or streamed. An entire library spanning decades would sate the rabid gamer, with the best new titles using the medium to their advantage. The most realistic iteration of Pokémon Go ever? I’m in!

Disadvantages would include the obvious “Big Brother” potential, taking the modern concern of internet surveillance one step further by actually reading minds. Governments could use this to arrest, say, murderers as they’re making their plans- or to stamp out wrongthink as it happens. Another issue is that of driving. Pokémon Go has the absolutely annoying “Pokémon Go should not be played while driving” popup for a reason (I don’t even drive, get it sorted Niantic). The former issue in particular concerns me and I feel that if I was to launch it today, where many governments are at their most Nineteen Eighty-Four, I would have to pull it from the market.

I still see myself getting a brainchip before I die though. Just needs a bit of a snappier name…

First impressions of Pokémon Go

Well, Pokémon Go is finally out in the UK, and I of course downloaded it faster than you can say “Pika”.

First things first- you sign in with either a Pokémon Trainer Club or a Google account. Due to the maintenence going on in the PTC at the moment, I suggest a Google account. After this, Professor Willow (who makes the serious fashion faux pas of wearing running tights under cargo shorts) gives you an ample amount of Pokéballs and you catch your first Pokémon- either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. After this, you’re free to travel across the land searching far and wide.

This is where the disadvantages become glaring- the game does not play in the background, so you have to have it open at all times which can be a serious drain on battery with saver mode on OR off. Furthermore,there are currently some major server issues that can completely crash the game but I expect this to be fixed shortly along with the inability to collect items from Pokéstops (real world landmarks including churches, schools and parks). Finally, I am presently unable to review the gym function as it requires a minimum level of 5.

But these disadvantages are relatively minor. There are very few thrills above being able to catch Pokémon IN REAL LIFE. We all dreamed of it as kids and now it’s a reality. Catching Pokémon earns YOU experience this time around, and as mentioned above you can enter gyms at level 5. There are at least three gyms within a short distance of me, but I’m unsure of what team I should select. Instinct- oh yes I act on instinct. Mystic- goes well with my preferred MMORPG class. Valor- I’m a coward but I do like Moltres. In the meantime, I’m very much enjoying being able to transcend the boundary between our world and that of the Pokémon.

In conclusion, it’s looking good so far but I will have to spend more time with it for a more thorough review.

Gotta catch ’em all!