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Whilst browsing the internet last night I came across the Scanimate. Now I was already familiar with the machine but then had the idea that I could use it with my writing. Now for those who aren’t familiar, the Scanimate is a video image manipulation device (a sort of video synthesizer, although I would prefer to call it a video Mellotron as it works with prerecorded video and stills) that originated in the early 1970s, being used extensively on TV shows as The Electric Company, Sesame Street and Logan’s Run. Let’s see it in action.

The only problem is there are only two working Scanimates in the whole world, both owned by the same per, Dave Sieg, in North Carolina. Now I cannot just hop onto a plane and get there and it’s going to take far more than Patreon money to fund a journey. So it will have to wait for a while. This is of course unless I collaborate remotely with Sieg, but I would much prefer hands-on involvement with the project. It seems like a very interesting machine to work with.

I intend to email Sieg shortly regarding my interest in working with the Scanimate. I would be honoured to.