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An update

I have been very busy as of late.

It’s not too much fun particularly when you have deadlines to meet.

But if I didn’t have deadlines, I wouldn’t be motivated.

I’d say things are about 80% done as of today, April 30th. I need to make punctuation checks and go through again before submission on the 17th.

I’m particularly obsessive when it comes to grammar. Too obsessive actually.

PS: 100 points!


My surprise trip to Cleethorpes

I was due to attend the Sheffield Show today, but due to a change of itenary in the family my mother and I headed to Cleethorpes for the Armed Forces Day festivities!

Though it was sea and sand, today’s entertainment was close to the sun. We thought the RAF Falcons parachuting demonstration was the highlight until we saw the Red Arrows. Now if you’ve never seen the Red Arrows in person, you don’t know what you are missing. They have a worldwide reputation for a reason. I’ve uploaded some pictures of the Arrows and Falcons to my Instagram, but pictures alone cannot do these justice. It was utterly breathtaking.

Then came the parade, opened by the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, a royal who I couldn’t see and David Cameron. Yes, David Cameron. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it? It’s really a shame I didn’t get to see him up close and personal. People were waving at him, some most likely waving something.  Before we knew where he was a number of jokes about him being at the concessions after hearing about the pig spitroast were traded. Glad to see the people of Cleethorpes are as Cameronsceptical as yours truly. Onto the parade itself, it only lasted a few minutes and included several major military bands from around the UK as well as servicepeople from around the Commonwealth. I for one particularly enjoyed the Scots pipers- let’s just hope they didn’t get caught in a gust of wind!

Other than that, I got to treat myself to some fish and chips for dinner. I admit to not liking British food (it’s a bit too slimy for my picky tastes), but I will happily munch the quintessential dish. To all of my American readers, I feel sorry for you. You will likely never experience real fish and chips within the borders of the United States. Grimsby fish is considered some of the best in the world and Grimsby is just down the road… do the maths.

And so was my unexpected day at the beach. I also won two quid on a Deal or No Deal slot machine by hedging my bets. Maybe I should have gone for the full five. Or I’ll save that for the big holiday in August.


What happened in Orlando last night was absolutely senseless. Over 100 shot due to the fact they happened to be gay. I cannot put into words how angered I am that this intolerance still exists and that people try to justify it through their religious beliefs.

Nobody should be killed for something they never chose to be.

If you live in Florida and want to help out, Orlando hospitals have had a blood shortage recently. So if you can donate blood, get out there and do so.

Whoever sheds man’s blood, his blood deserves to be shed by man, for God made man in his own image.– Genesis 9:6