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An update

I have been very busy as of late.

It’s not too much fun particularly when you have deadlines to meet.

But if I didn’t have deadlines, I wouldn’t be motivated.

I’d say things are about 80% done as of today, April 30th. I need to make punctuation checks and go through again before submission on the 17th.

I’m particularly obsessive when it comes to grammar. Too obsessive actually.

PS: 100 points!


One year here…

Well, my anniversary was yesterday but regardless.

When I founded this blog, I set out to write one post a day, every day, for the first year. And I kept to that, with the exception of two weeks when I was on holiday.

But now the workload’s mounting and blogging everyday is, to be fair, an arduous task. There were many times I just pulled something out of my… ear. Those days are gone. From now on I will only be blogging when something hits me, be it inspiration, a need to rant or a bus. I could blog three days in a row. I could go two weeks without blogging. This will help cultivate my imagination and free myself up for the task of writing, editing and reediting 15,000 words between May and September.

This doesn’t mean goodbye. No it doesn’t. I’m just going to be a bit less active, especially from May through to September.

If you want to keep in touch with me, I’m at Facebook and on Instagram.

Ciao for now…


…I’ve been working on getting my mind in gear by turning off my internet when working.

It’s wonderful, but it can lead to downfalls. Just like chocolate.

I’ve found it working so far but my finger still hovers above the connections tab on my taskbar.

Maybe I should work in a locked room with just a typewriter and a glass of iced tea?

Status update on scribot SZIN-3

I still have a cold.

I struggled to get up this morning and when I did I was gibbering gibberish in the bathroom. Hot tea helped me feel a bit better but the delirium continued on the tram.

Walking up the hill to my appointment, my lower abdomen started hurting. I took two painkillers which did nothing. In the appointment I was unable to listen and very distracted by the pain. I could barely walk and was moaning with the pain. On the bus home, the delirium continued.

I got home and got a nap. The fog lfited somewhat but it’s still here now.

Ah well, got the Switch in tomorrow so I’ll probably be doing a brief review of that.

Alas, I have been cursed!

I have a cold.

Blocked nose, headaches… a shower didn’t really help either. The only thing that could make this worse is laryngitis.

And knowing my luck I will get it. I already have that itching sensation in my throat which will no doubt provoke a few coughs tomorrow.

I personally blame sleeping with the window open. I have this fear, likely a sideeffect of OCD or genetic memory of an old Irish superstition, of suffocating to death in my room. It’s a small room with no adequate ventilation and it’s been regularly below freezing these last few weeks.

AND I have to go to Nether Edge via town tomorrow so I’m probably going to pass my germs onto innocent people. For which I sincerely apologise.

Oh boy.

My sleep schedule needs a kick up the pants

It leaves my mind blank and screws up every other schedule I maintain- my exercise schedule, my eating schedule, my working schedule.

Yet it doesn’t seem to give a damn.

I sleep for hours but wake up tired.

My thyroid levels appeared normal last checkup and that was during another attack of whatever it is so that’s out of the question.

What’s going on?

When I take a bite of something…

…and something I don’t like is in there without me knowing, the feeling of revulsion is the worst. It’s particularly galling when not only did it sound nice but it was on offer too.

I still feel dirty now. I probably will still feel dirty in a week. Not even copious amounts of food and drink can get it out of my mouth and system.

This is OCD.

I wish I could just go on living my life like everyone else.

Instead I have to internally punish myself for no reason at all.