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Big news from the big snow!

Look out for an exciting new project soon!

And look out for ice…


One year here…

Well, my anniversary was yesterday but regardless.

When I founded this blog, I set out to write one post a day, every day, for the first year. And I kept to that, with the exception of two weeks when I was on holiday.

But now the workload’s mounting and blogging everyday is, to be fair, an arduous task. There were many times I just pulled something out of my… ear. Those days are gone. From now on I will only be blogging when something hits me, be it inspiration, a need to rant or a bus. I could blog three days in a row. I could go two weeks without blogging. This will help cultivate my imagination and free myself up for the task of writing, editing and reediting 15,000 words between May and September.

This doesn’t mean goodbye. No it doesn’t. I’m just going to be a bit less active, especially from May through to September.

If you want to keep in touch with me, I’m at Facebook and on Instagram.

Ciao for now…

The layers of Leia

princess-leia-800Carrie Fisher is dead.

Leia sprung up at the height of second-wave feminism, the more radical adherants believing that attractive women were constantly being objectified by men in a bid to weaken them. Fisher’s character, just like Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman of the same vintage, showed that one could be sexy AND strong.

To this day, there has been argument whether Leia’s characterisation, in particular the metal bikini scene in Return of the Jedi, was objectifying. Fisher herself changed opinion on the matter several times, but her most recent opinion was that it wasn’t. Now third-wave feminism was in at the time (and remains in) and many proponents criticised her for saying that. No doubt some of these same people will blame the drug problems that eventually led to her death as patriarchal pressure, which is completely wrong.

She was born into fame and raised in fame. This upbringing, her meteoric rise from that and her strained relationship with her parents, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, caused her a lot of stress which led to her abuse of drugs, especially cocaine. By the time filming began on The Force Awakens she had dropped a lot of weight and was clean. However, the cocaine had taken a toll on her body and this eventually manifested itself in a massive heart attack where she stopped breathing for ten minutes. Over Christmas she stabilised, but recovery was never guaranteed and she died peacefully this morning. A tragic end to the portrayer of one of the most iconic female characters in cinema history.

May the force be with you, Leia.

Wake up

What is “fake news”?

Fake news is all around you and its greatest purveyor is the mainstream media!

Fake news helps to elevate the government’s wanted position above others. During the US primaries, the Democrat media elevated Hillary Clinton while slamming Bernie Sanders with slander. Sanders, they reported, had no respect for women, no respect for ethnic minorities, no respect for the LGBT community. All of these statements are untrue.

Having helped Clinton to a primary “victory”, they set about pumping her up next to Donald Trump. They denied reports of her health failing, even going as far as to take down videos of her collapsing at a 9/11 memorial service. HLN, the women’s lifestyle arm of CNN, fired longtime presenter Dr. Phil for the heinous crime of saying that Hillary was in bad health. They denied the damning things revealed by Wikileaks during the election season, parroting the warhawk Democrat line of “Russian hackers”. Meanwhile, they attacked Trump at every given opportunity instead of offering a balanced look at both candidates.

The Clinton victory they tried to engineer did not materialise, and they moved onto blaming “fake news” for a man who never held political office and had extreme right-wing views beating their oh-so-qualified candidate.

The irony.

Today’s news

In today’s news, nothing of importance. Two totally inept excuses for “politicians” are running for presidency of the most powerful country in the western world whereas in sports a footballer once again said something stupid.

As much as I love the beautiful game, paying people millions per week to kick a ball around and be an arsehole off the pitch is ludicrous. I believe it’s time to bring back a maximum wage. Those spoiled brats will cry about how they’re sooooooo close to being homeless, but the clubs will have more money and ticket prices will go down as a result.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is like choosing how you want to die. Both will destroy America in their own way. The fact that the Democrats actively cheated to get Hillary as their nominee says a lot about her electability. And the less said about Trump the better. Let’s just say he doesn’t like many people that aren’t him.

Sometimes I hate the modern world.