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Link of the day

If you like Pokémon and plush toys, or are just hankering for a blast from the past, take a butchers at the PokePlushProject on Flickr.

The curator seeks to “catch ’em all” in the toy department, which is a mean feat considering the latest games bring the grand total to 802 and new plushies are being made daily. I wish sem good luck with that.

And yes, that “Growlithe” you may see is apparently official merchandise. Must be the rare Burned Form.



I’m getting really into this weather thing

I’ve been addicted to Weather Underground, looking at the weather for my exact area. The Met Office is good but instead of Sheffield weather for the past 24 hours I get Watnall weather, which is closer to Nottingham. And this updates every few seconds instead of every hour.

Surely if you’re a weather buff you’re heard of it, but if you’re not I’m just throwing it out there for your perusal in the hope that you become converted.

So how is the weather in your area?

Szin’s site of the day: The Giant Killers

This website is curated by Steve Porter, who writes as “Captain Beecher”. The Northern Irishman refuses to reveal his favourite team for the purposes of remaining unbiased, but he can tell you that it’s not Manchester United or Liverpool. The site is still in the works, but as the title implies it sets out to list all the giantkillings (“cupsets”, as Beecher refers to them) that have taken place in the FA Cup from 1888, the foundation of the Football League, to today.

A great site if you’re a football fan looking for some time to kill!