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The Nintendo Switch- first impressions

Well, the Switch is here and I’ve seen it in action. So let’s give you a few first impressions.

  • The interface is closer to that of the PS4 and Xbox One than the Wii U and 3DS series. The default colour scheme is once again pure white but black is also avaliable in the options menu.
  • One can now switch (ha ha) easily between user accounts, represented by an avatar. This avatar can be customised by combining preset backgrounds and stock Nintendo graphics or the user’s Mii. There are plenty of background colours but stock art is somewhat lacking. This feature is clearly to prevent Little Johnny from seeing a picture of Donald Trump’s penis while playing Mario Kart.
  • The easy switching does have its drawbacks- one must now confirm one’s credit card details with every purchase. However this is understandable because nobody wants Little Johnny using their stored details to buy Super Overrated, Overhyped Game 5 for £too much.
  • The tablet screen is a lot heavier than I first assumed. However, it is still very portable. The screen is more like a mobile phone than a 3DS, responding to fingers as well as to stylii.
  • The cartridges are around the size of PS Vita ones. So keep them safe!
  • The framerate is far higher than the Wii U, as you can see when comparing Zelda versions.

Rekofacts: Full-immersion gaming

Fully-immersive simulator games powered by the brainchip are the top form of entertainment on Rekodenz.

The majority download games, the most popular titles being MMOs and shmups, just like on 2017 Earth. The most popular MMOs routinely have over five hundred billion players from all over Rekodenz and Earth (the game is offered in Anglic, Yuniyu and Emogo in addition to Standard Rekodenza and a number of other indigenous languages) playing at any one time. The Rekodenzian movie industry is generally limited to art films (of both varieties) due to the popularity of gaming.

Simulator parlours are also popular as they enable more powerful games to be played for a small fee (usually 10,000,000 credits) per play. Some, such as in Central City Xotopane where there are believed to be over fifty thousand, are so popular that queues can stretch for over a mile outside and patrons are restricted to three plays or thirty minutes per session. A reason for this popularity is that many outlets offer physical prizes for points collected while playing, ranging from keyrings and candy to penthouse apartments.

Regardless of the context, I see this being the future of gaming.

Okay, something that doesn’t have anything to do with Trump for once

I’m close to taking on the Elite Four in Moon and am doing my customary grind beforehand. Yet it’s no fun when you’re always at the risk of SOS battles (“the wild Wailord called for help!”).

These can turn a simple thirty second battle into a ten minute slog. You’ve defeated the other Wailord and are going to finish off the original. But wait! “The wild Wailord called for help!”


And you’ve got ANOTHER Wailord to contend with! Yes, there is NO LIMIT to how many times a Pokémon may call for help. Sure, it increases your chances of getting a shiny, but I’m not here for shiny collecting just yet. And the chances are still in the 1/1000th range at 255 calls for help from what I recall.

To avoid SOS battles you must either defeat easy opponents in one go for minimum experience or hit them with a status move. Right now, the only pure status move in my party is Yawn and that only takes effect one turn later, meaning the wild Pokémon can easily call for help at the end of the current turn. My beloved Arcanine’s Flamethrower only has a small probability of burning. I should take Raichu out of the PC and use her Nuzzle.

But if you don’t have any status moves in your party, you’re screwed.

Thanks Game Freak.

Link of the day

If you like Pokémon and plush toys, or are just hankering for a blast from the past, take a butchers at the PokePlushProject on Flickr.

The curator seeks to “catch ’em all” in the toy department, which is a mean feat considering the latest games bring the grand total to 802 and new plushies are being made daily. I wish sem good luck with that.

And yes, that “Growlithe” you may see is apparently official merchandise. Must be the rare Burned Form.


TPCi surprises the world

In case you missed it (which you probably have) The Pokémon Company unleashed Pokémon Duel, a mobile game avaliable in Japan for close to a year, upon a western audience today.

Let us ignore the game proper at the moment and discuss the release mechanic. There was no indication that it was going to be released today or even at all in the west. There was no fanfare, no sign of it in the App Store front page, nothing. I even checked the free charts and nope, nothing. I assume TPCi was going for word-of-mouth but, despite the fame of the IP, it seemingly hasn’t caught on.

Now to the game. It is a turn-based strategy not unlike chess with the objective to make it to a panel at the other player’s side. If two figures come face-to-face, they are to battle. Both players spin for a move and the strongest one hits. One may use “plates” to enhance move or field effects and it is possible for the virtual figures used to play to level up. Pieces may also be surrounded by two opponent Pokémon, causing them to faint without any need for a battle. Fainted figures are sent to a Pokémon Centre and cannot be reused for the duration of the battle. From the one game I played it appears that only one panel is needed to be occupied to win, which seems a bit underwhelming particularly as this is not a children’s game but an easy-to-get-into-hard-to-master strategy.

I shall formulate a more concrete opinion as I play more, but it appears to be a recipe for failure. Are they seriously trying to harm the hot Pokémon property through this and the endless cutscene fest of Sun/Moon?

To wait or not to hit the Switch?

Let’s face it, the Switch looks great in action but the launch is about as promising as a dog poo sundae. Let’s see why:

  • Only four titles confirmed. Yes, one is a Zelda game but that’s barely enough, especially when it’s also avaliable on Wii U and when the other titles include a minigame collection that should come as a packin but somehow ISN’T and the 50,000th installment of the Skylanders series.
  • Games cost £60 each.
  • £280 for a partially portable console. If you’re so concerned about playing Zelda on the go, grab a 3DS and Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask for half the price.
  • Paid online after a trial period. Nintendo has offered free online since early last DECADE, and that gave it an edge over Sony and Microsoft in the multiplayer department. Iwata knew that there were many gamers who were having enough trouble paying their ISP bill. Now Iwata’s dead, many of his best ideas have gone with him. It’s said that Nintendo could fail to turn a profit for FIFTY YEARS and still have enough money to thrive, so then why price out people who otherwise couldn’t afford online gaming?

So I’m in two minds whether to buy at launch. Online will be free until autumn and Skylanders are avaliable cheaply from most good toy shops (and some bad ones too), but sixty pounds for a game whose core mechanics have never changed since the first installment. There are other things I’m wanting more than that at the moment. And I still have my 3DS and Wii U with Wii U games in particular coming down heavily in price. I think I may wait until September when Splatoon 2’s out and my degree is completed but free online ends around the same time.





Sun/Moon snark

Szin: Whew, that was a tough battle… now to the Pokécentre for some rest! 

NPC of the day: Here’s some crap for beating me. 

Szin recieved some crap!

Szin put the crap in the Items pocket, making the bag smell rather awful.

*Hau arrives*

Hau: I’m just here for the hell of it. If you missed us saying the first five thousand times, we have to go to Sum’wher Town and find the Team Skull grunts or whatever.

*Rotom Dex activates for no reason*

Rotom: What he said, Szin.

Hau: We have to go to Sum’wher Town and find the Team Skull grunts or something! Let’s go!

NPC of the day: Yes, you have to go to Sum’wher Town and do that. But before you go, let me heal your Growlithe. 

*cutscene finally ends twenty minutes later*

Rotom: Remember, we have to go to Sum’wher Town and find the Team Skull gruntzzz! Bzzt!

Szin: *takes right turn to Sumother Town*

Kid: Sorry, my Stoutland is a real thorough kind, please let him get all the stones before you go through, okay?

Szin: *dreaming of Kanto Fried Stoutland*