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Clip clip snip

Decided to do something with clippings of recent writing. Am starting to look for unpaid proofreaders for this novel extract (to do so while I’m on holiday 5/8 to 19/8), so if you’re interested, drop me a line at arcanine91@icloud.com.

There was no nothing getting through.
Though when the rubble bore down on me I began to have second thoughts
Second thoughts when the rubble bore down
A tsunami of ’em
(Sunlight optional)
In the parking lot of silver surfers
I slide up a staircase’s bottom
Engulfing my bearings



I think there was too much!

I think there was too much!

You can direct my question, direct my question.

Oh boy.

Detachable manners all know how to play.

The ball still nearly broke hobby and Sindh.

Hobby and Sindh.

Hobby and Sindh.

But I have almost my ticket hobby.

Oh, the lineup was shot!

The lineup was shit!

I think there was too much!


The right way to play all season.

Praise be to the squirrel god.

Fast food

So I ordered a burger and fries and a milkshake and lies and some chicken and flies and a pizza with Lisa who the hell is that teamster and curry and rice and maybe some lice and a kebab and some chips with a bit of a dip and some sushi gave it to the poochie and some Jamaican cold bacon and a Chinese please and a pasty made of plasters and a chocolate cream lat made with pure fat…

…and a Diet Coke.

I’m watching my weight.