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2016, digital, based on and utilising A. Michael Noll’s Gaussian-Quadratic, 1963.



I looked at myself in the mirror today

And I processed myself as if I was a computer drawing.

1024×768, lines trace my face and more. The grid extrudes into the third dimension, colour added. Antialias on. The glasses are formed seperately and added to my hollow, plump face.

The printout takes forever and not without a care. You see, I live in 1972 though the year is 2016. I am a semi-Luddite, though to apply that term to this technology I feel is doing it a bit of disrespect. They did have 3D graphics in 1972 you know, and they still look better than some of today’s amateur efforts.


Computer poetry

So I came across this video entitled Poemfield No. 2 from 1971. It uses the BEFLIX graphics system from 1964 and is entirely computer-generated save for the music and colourisation. Be aware that it is very seizure-inducing.

It got me thinking about the use of computer animation to present my works. Now of course that is a dime-a-dozen these days, but what if I was to simulate the BEFLIX system in some way? Retro is in at the moment and I much prefer ancient computer graphics to the streamlining of today. Not to mention it is quite dramatic-looking. I think it would leave more an impact on the viewer than any of today’s graphics suites.


A rather interesting link

This is highly addictive even without mathematical knowledge. The resultant pieces remind me of oscilloscopes or early computer art, so I edited them accordingly. There’s still room in this high-tech era to appreciate such pieces.



I like to call this one “Bunny in Barbed Wire”, though PETA probably wouldn’t like that one…