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One year on

Well, it’s been one year since the world’s greatest comedian came into office. One year of sheer hilarity communicated through the type of inepitude that would get anyone in a lesser position fired.

When Donald isn’t engaging in a cold war with an equally incompetent leader, he’s calling countries he doesn’t like “shitholes” and banning people from said countries from entering the US with a complete disregard for their still rebuilding from natural disasters which all but destroyed them.

Is this how a world leader should act? No! While world leaders have every right to an opinion, they should do it in a dignified manner that befits their position. As representatives of their country, they should give off a good impression. Even Bush could give an air of dignity to his constant warmongering, no doubt assisted by his many aides.

So thank you Donald for making politics even more of a shithole.



If 2016 was the year all the celebrities died, 2017 will be remembered as the year humanity died.

The year we regressed to primal instincts over a man who was until recently the American version of Alan Sugar. A man who is an absolute idiot in the Bush mould, pandering to a base that still thinks 9/11 was yesterday. People have been KILLED over these arguments. This isn’t healthy at all.

2017 also ended with a kid being “swatted” to death over an argument in Call of Duty. Swatting, for the unaware, is the practice of sending a SWAT team to somebody’s house as a prank. It happens mostly in online gaming, and it was a stupid idea to begin with. To think it wasn’t going to end in somebody being killed or seriously injured was a deluded belief.

We live in an era of animals. An era where the Bushian cry of “it’s okay to kill innocent people if they disagree with us!” has been transposed onto the public. An era where we consider somebody’s beliefs to be more important than their character. It’s time we learned to get along. If you disagree with somebody’s beliefs, feel free to have a rational debate with them.

Here’s to a more peaceful 2018.

The #TakeAKnee controversy is a shining example of freedom

Whatever one may think of the US, the recent #TakeAKnee controversy has highlighted its memetic status as “land of the free”.

Last season, a number of largely black NFL players began kneeling instead of standing for the pregame national anthem to protest police brutality. To American patriots, the symbols of the country are held in a quasi-sacred regard. Many of these same people often declare themselves champions of free speech, but believe that the right shouldn’t extend to “denigrating” the anthem or the flag. Seems a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?

When this attitude reaches government level, it becomes authoritarianism. Donald Trump wants the NFL to expel all players who “take a knee” or otherwise protest while the national anthem is playing. So far, he has yet to take action while the #TakeAKnee movement spreads out of American football and even worldwide (there are rumours that several international footballers will do the same during the next round of World Cup qualifiers). You know why it’s spreading worldwide, Donald? Your big mouth. You are threatening to take away freedom of expression and we won’t stand (literally) for it.

Freedom of speech is about the freedom to state something and freedom for people to disagree with it. This is what’s happening right now. Nobody’s being prosecuted, nobody’s being attacked, and I hope it stays that way.

Dammit Donald

The news that Donald Trump has banned April Fools’ Day did not come as a surprise to me.

He hates even the slightest jokey comments made about him. No doubt he’s pushing to make jokes about him illegal 365 days a year, which is a massive blow to free speech and yet more evidence to suggest he is a totalitarian.

Not to mention he’s the biggest fool of them all.

If French TV has a ban on broadcasting terrorists’ names and faces…

…will we ever get a ban on broadcasting Donald Trump’s name and face?

He’s no terrorist (at least not as of yet), but my God he’s an ugly little sod with an equally ugly name. Why on earth would his Scottish-born mother allow his father to bestow THAT last name on their children? I know it’s not American slang, and he probably didn’t get the same kind of treatment that, say, Dean Windass undoubtedly got at school, but come ON!

When your head of state is a cheesy Wotsit with a name that literally means “fart”, you need to address what went wrong to get him into office.

Catch 22, Trump style

I can see Trump threatening to quit if he doesn’t get his own way with regards to the Muslim ban.

Millions want him to already, but he knows that if he goes the country will be plunged into even more chaos. The anti-Trump side will probably not be sated for long as the replacement will most likely be Mike Pence. In the US there has been a lot of fear of the religious right gaining power, and understandably so especially with regards to the rights of the LGBT community.

Pence, like so many in the religious right, believes that LGBT people should not be a protected class. He signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, which allows people to discriminate on “religious” grounds. He also takes the side of those who believe that transgender people should use the toilets of their birth gender. If you are so concerned about “men” in the ladies’ toilet, don’t you realise that this act will lead to people who are physically, visibly and legally male having to use that particular toilet? Didn’t think that one through, did you?

Pence will also most likely push for his predecessor’s ban on people from Muslim countries entering the US, as well as his other controversial plans such as removing white nationalist groups from lists of violent organisations. Now why would anyone do that? Imagine the right’s reaction if a Democrat president removed violent Islamist groups from the list and nothing else. Exactly. The double standards here are mind boggling.

Please note that I am obviously NOT pushing for the Muslim ban. It is stupid and undemocratic and that’s just the beginning. What I’m saying is that Trump resigning will be a lose-lose situation unless a second election is called, which is very unlikely given the Republican dominance of the Electoral College, House and Senate.

Inserting political commentary into irrelevant contexts

…is stupid.

And this is coming from someone who is vocally and proudly anti-Trump. It seems people want to turn the anti-Trump movement into a pissing contest and they will insert their political commentary into the most irrelevant contexts, from sports to STEM lessons to music reviews to prove that they are more anti-Trump than anyone else.

I have no doubt it will die down eventually, but how eventually is that? There will be some form of protest outside the White House until Trump is out of office, whether by losing the 2020 election, stepping aside in 2024 or impeachment. As much as we hate Trump, we cannot keep focusing on him. It will get tedious to the point that people will want to support Trump just to piss you off (as CNN and other unapologetically pro-Hillary outlets learned the hard way)!

If you want to protest outside the White House or even your local town hall, be my guest. Trump is a tyrant and must be stopped. Constantly bringing it up when irrelevant isn’t going to do it though.