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Clip clip snip

Decided to do something with clippings of recent writing. Am starting to look for unpaid proofreaders for this novel extract (to do so while I’m on holiday 5/8 to 19/8), so if you’re interested, drop me a line at arcanine91@icloud.com.

There was no nothing getting through.
Though when the rubble bore down on me I began to have second thoughts
Second thoughts when the rubble bore down
A tsunami of ’em
(Sunlight optional)
In the parking lot of silver surfers
I slide up a staircase’s bottom
Engulfing my bearings


Lamb curry

A nice bit of cut-up writing


Everywhere was white as snow

And everywhere the lamb was sure to go

Mary loved the lamb’s fleece

The lamb was surely white


Mary had a little lunch

And it was surely lamb

Its fleece was sure to go

Everywhere on Mary

Spam 2

You might remember this little piece from the past. I decided to create a sequel for the hell of it.

Oh women who experience dissatisfaction in the bed

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Crashed this increased pleasure

With posterior vitreous detachment


How long till your boner goes away?

Anal sex knows

Rapid rehabilitation and relaxation

Fitness demonstrations from her gadgets.