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The new Wordpress editor

My God.

You’ve changed something that didn’t need to be changed. Once again.

Let’s see: You’ve moved post settings to the right. I’ve been on WP for almost a year and the lefty leftness of the post settings is something burned into my mind. Now you’ve moved it to the right, which is nigh-on blasphemy. My left-in-all-respects brain cannot handle this!

Now we’ve also got tons and tons of white space around the editor. It looks as ugly and unprofessional as the post settings looks plain. If you really power 27% of the internet as you claim, you could go for a much sleeker look rather than lock up a bunch of GCSE IT pupils for an hour with only the web layout option on Word. On a computer running Vista.

What are you going to do next? Change the logo to a modernist W farted out in roughly two seconds by an overpaid design consultant in the city? That’s probably what you’ll do. I’m surprised you haven’t had any angry letters from a certain German automobile manufacturer yet.

For the last time: If it’s not broke- don’t bother fixing it!

EDIT: Interestingly, the “WordPress” in the title autocorrected to the official CamelCase version. I have no use for CamelCase. Why force it on random bloggers?



Your quirky little error messages aren’t cute

So you’re doing work on the computer and a message pops up:

“Oops, there’s been an error. Maybe such and such will help.”

It’s not cute nor does it display a personality other than annoying. Yes, it’s on WordPress too, every time I try to view a new post! It makes me wish for the days of “This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down”. Yes, as a kid I genuinely thought that the police would be notified despite the computer not being connected to the internet.

But it’s still better than this rubbish. The last thing I want when I encounter an error, especially a major one, is the computer being all bright and chipper. “Oops, your USB drive has been reformatted. Sorry about that.” I try to keep the blog 12A but there’s really two words for that: Fuck and You.

Microsoft has officially gone too far

I love /r/assholedesign even though it’s updated rather infrequently. One of the new posts, however, is VERY incriminating towards a certain Redmond-based company…

Basically, new Windows units no longer let you select your preferred browser at install. It’s Edge as standard. “Well,” I hear you say. “Easy, I’ll just use it once to get Firefox or Chrome.”

“I don’t think so!” I hear Edge reply. Take a look at THIS:


That’s right, /u/Mrunibro used both Firefox and Edge to access the Chrome website. Guess which one “can’t reach it”? Either Edge is playing up or (more likely given what we know of their tactics) it is OUTRIGHT BLOCKING ACCESS TO INSTALL RIVAL BROWSERS, WHICH GOES BEYOND “ASSHOLE DESIGN” AND INTO BEING ILLEGAL. They clearly didn’t learn their lessons from the IE and 7 fiascos. One day I half expect to wake up and find my beloved Firefox gone from my system without an explanation.

Nobody wants to use the successor to a browser with such a horrible reputation, Microsoft. So stop bullying us into it.


I’m not a fan of Windows 10.

It gets stuff done, but so does Windows 95. 7 was far better. 7 went back to the winning formula of XP after the debacle of Vista. Unfortunately, Microsoft soiled the bed with 8 and now 10.

Updates, updates out the earholes. Not to mention the horror stories of some 7 users waking up to find 10 freshly installed after ignoring Microsoft bullying them into updating. I’ve had this computer for eight months and already it starts to slow down after periods of moderate use. My 7 machine lasted five years with only a single battery change.

Please make 11 go back to basics, Microsoft. I’m begging you.

A conversation with Eliza

Eliza was born in the 60s. At the time, many people thought her to be completely human, and her realism drove her creator Joe Weizenbaum into preaching the evils of artificial intelligence. However, she would pass no Turing tests today. Let’s take her for a spin:

E: Hello, I am Eliza.
S: Hi, I’m Sinead.
E: Do you believe it is normal to be Sinead?
S: Definitely not!
E: Tell me more…
S: I am not a normal person at all.
E: Do you believe it is normal to be not a normal person at all?
S: Very much so.
E: Tell me more…
S: It’s pretty hard to define normal, but I’m not normal in that my way of thinking differs from that of the control population.
E: Did you come to me because you are not normal in that your way of thinking differs from that of the control population?
S: No, I came to you for something for my blog. Hope you don’t mind 🙂
E: We were discussing you, not me.
S: Were we?
E: OK… “No, you came to me for something for your blog. Hope me don’t mind :)”. Tell me more.
S: Well, my blog is an experimental writing blog, and I have an interest in early computer programs which attempt to simulate human behaviour.
E: What do you think machines have to do with your problems?
S: Nothing.
E: OK… “Well, your blog is an experimental writing blog, and you have an interest in early computer programs which attempt to simulate human behaviour”. Tell me more.
S: Well, the quote marks aren’t necessary when you’re paraphrasing me.
E: Perhaps you would like to be paraphrasing you?
S: Maybe.
E: Can’t you be more positive?
S: I try.
E: OK… “Well, the quote marks aren’t necessary when I’m paraphrasing me”. Tell me more.
S: Oh, how I wish you’d learn.