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Cheaters never win

I still stand by what I said, that Hillary Clinton, the DNC and all their friends only have themselves to blame for Donald Trump.

It has been evident since even before primary season that Hillary would be a weak candidate. The arrival of Bernie Sanders only made that more painfully obvious. The DNC had to resort to manipulation of both votes and mass media to get her through the primaries and with their flawless foresight believed that this would work in the general election.

Well it didn’t. The people got wise and took their votes elsewhere.

Millions of people who voted for Trump had never voted Republican in their lives. Many of these strongly disagreed with his policies. But to them he was the lesser of two evils.

Next time you field such an unelectable candidate, DNC, come up with tactics that wouldn’t tax the brain of Snidely Whiplash.


All apologies

I owe my readers an apology.

Based on polls and exit polls, I predicted a near-inevitable Hillary Clinton victory in the US general election despite her many flaws.

America said otherwise, and now Donald John Trump- a man with some of the most divisive opinions in US electoral history and who has never held political office in his 70 years- is the 45th President of the United States.


Obviously I’m not thrilled. But let us skip past Trump’s racism, xenophobia and sexism as these have already been covered in detail by various outlets.

There is only one to blame and that is the Democratic National Convention. The DNC, as revealed by Wikileaks and several other whistleblowers, knowingly rigged the primary elections in favour of Clinton instead of just letting the people- those who were turning out to rallies in their thousands, packing sports arenas while Hillary struggled to get 200 in village halls- who wanted Bernie Sanders make their choice. Despite being 74 years old, Sanders had a progressive plan that resonated with America’s youth, including universal healthcare and free college. These were ideas that Clinton started out by bashing, calling them unworkable. As a Sanders victory looked less likely thanks to the rigging, she jumped on board with them, eventually embracing modified versions of them as part of her manifesto. Picture a Ferrari engine downtuned for a Lada Riva.

On July 25th, most Sanders delegates walked out at the DNC in Philadelphia to protest Clinton’s nomination. The DNC, which had already lost chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after a batch of incriminating Wikileaks had surfaced, had a backup plan to make it sound like the people were behind Hillary. They bussed in actors to fill the seats and used white noise generators to filter out any boos. They did not listen to the people. And that was their fatal flaw.

Through election season, doubts rose about Clinton’s fitness to lead the country. Not only were there concerns about her health (including speculation of Parkinsons or another major neurodegenerative disease) there was also the matter of allegations levelled against the Clinton Foundation and of FBI Director James Comey letting her off the hook after admitting that she had used private email to send top secret documents. Comey reopened the investigation in late October while Clinton was jetting around in Air Force One with Obama himself making a case for her at campaign stops. This was like putting a plaster on a sawn-off leg. It was becoming evidently clear that she was unelectable, even when the alternative was just as bad.
And so we are here. If the DNC had let the people vote, we would be talking about President Sanders and his new progressive agenda to send America screaming into the 21st century. And what’s worst is that they genuinely thought they had the general election in the bag!


No apologies to the DNC.

You reap just what you sow.

Left= always good?

In this entry I seek to critique the “left= good, right= bad” (LGRB) argument in light of the US presidential election.

To start with, the LGRB argument does have some basis in reality. The left is generally seen as more tolerant of women, racial minorities, LGBT people and other historically marginalised groups. This is true especially in the US, where the right-wing Republican Party openly targets LGBT people in particular under the guise of Christianity. Didn’t Jesus say “love thy neighbour”? The Democrats, on the other hand, tend to favour LGBT rights with Barack Obama signing the Equal Marriage Act into law in 2015.

But let us look at Hillary Clinton. Clinton is a Christian and someone who was registered as Republican until well into the 1990s. While serving as a Democrat senator in New York, she expressed anti-LGBT opinions informed by her faith, such as “I believe that marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond, between a man and a woman”. Only when beginning her most recent presidential campaign did she go along with the party line. In a recent email leaked by Wikileaks, staffer Dan Schwerin admits that the Clintons still hold the same beliefs:

I’m just saying that she’s not going to want to say she was wrong about (gay marriage), given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times.

How dishonest! Of course, honesty is unfortunately not expected in the political world, but this is made worse by it being deceit against a minority group.

But it’s far from the worst thing she’s done. What about her using private email to send top secret documents? What about Benghazi and the death of the US Ambassador? Those have been covered in countless sources so I will not elaborate on them here. Just give them a search.

Hillary Clinton is living proof that the LGRB argument is flawed. The left isn’t always good. Now I’m not saying that Trump is a better option because he’s just as bad, and in fact this shows that the duopolistic nature of US politics, the deliberate ignorance of third parties, isn’t working. Liberal Americans shouldn’t be bullied into voting for someone because LGRB when there are other left-wing parties such as the Greens.

Land of the free- really?

In which Szin finally makes a decision on who you should go and vote for tomorrow

In tomorrow’s US election I officially endorse Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka of the Green Party. This is full-well knowing that Hillary Clinton is most likely going to win. But as you probably know I cannot stand her as much as I cannot stand Donald Trump.

Stein’s beliefs, while sometimes quite radical for the US left, are the closest to Bernie Sanders of any candidate, with an obvious focus on the environment. A good showing in the general election may show the pro-fracking Clinton administration that there is strong demand for environmental justice in the US. She, like Sanders, is also strongly committed to equal treatment for racial, sexual and gender minority groups, something that the Clinton campaign is trying to do but falling flat on their face in my opinion.

Third parties could prove to be a “spoiler” in this race. Many moderate conservatives have migrated to Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party in the wake of Trump’s nomination and many Sanders supporters have gone on record as endorsing Stein rather than switching to Trump. So if you’re more concerned about Trump than Hillary but don’t want to vote Hillary, give Stein a vote. Sanders is also expected to get a high number of write-in votes. This could lead to pressure within the Clinton administration to give him a big role.

So go out there tomorrow and vote Jill Stein for President of the United States and Ajamu Baraka for Vice President.

The view from days before what has been hyped as the election of our lifetimes

…but really isn’t.

In the red corner, you have a tax-dodging, racist, sexist billionaire with unbelievable, unimplementable ideas, and;

In the blue corner, you have a racist one-percenter megalomaniac who is obsessed with only two things- herself and making up wars to get away with carpet bombing the shit out of people.

Whoever America chooses, they will be a lot poorer for it. America treats their third parties like crap in order to force this duopoly down the throats of the world. Yeah, that’ll solve the hunger crisis! Pure shit from the arsehole of American politics! Eat up, num num.

I kind of hope Hillary gets the presidency. She won’t last four years, allowing her to be replaced with someone more competent, even if only marginally. Knowing her, she’ll nominate Bernie Sanders as the janitor or something to deny the US a real leader. Can’t have Russians commies coming into power, right? That’s why she rigged the primaries!

Don’t miss Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich, November 9th at 2am, only on Sky Sports.

How sad it is

That we live in a world where the biggest superpower is being exposed as corrupt to the core on a daily basis yet its own mainstream media refuses to report on it.

The United States, long considered the “land of the free and home of the brave” is actually the “land of restrictions and home of the cowardly”. There is mounting evidence that the ruling party rigged the primary elections in favour of their preferred candidate and not the one gaining momentum, especially amongst millenials and progressives. We have seen evidence that Hillary’s campaign, in collusion with the Democrats, sought to engage in attacks on Bernie, including those on his Jewish heritage. I should emphatically state that the Democrats are supposed to be the left-wing party and here they are attacking a candidate because he’s Jewish. How 1941 of them. And the mainstream media is quiet as a mouse, instead reporting on things we already knew about Trump- that he’s a racist, sexist bigot. That’s hardly news compared to something that in any other free country would bring down the ruling party.

And you know what? This will lead to a Trump victory. The Democrats should have let the people vote for Bernie instead of rigging it for Hillary as far back as the day Obama was sworn into the White House. Hillary, as we all know, was the second-placed candidate in the 2008 election. Assuming Trump wins, the Democrats probably won’t prop Bernie up in 2020 because 1. he’d be 78, turning 79 during the presidential race proper, and 2. he doesn’t share their vision of centre-with-a-capital-CENTRE liberalism. No matter who wins on the 8th, the entire world will suffer.

Happy Halloween from the United States of America!



I really don’t like Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump

Were I American, I’d vote for Jill Stein as her platforms are closest to Bernie’s. Some may call it throwing one’s vote away or “the spoiler” (cf. Ralph Nader’s popularity in 2000 allegedly costing Al Gore the election, although some Gore voters in Florida would beg to differ), but there really is no other option. Gary Johnson seems a little too right-wing for my liking and the other parties are either too extreme or have absolutely no chance of being viable.

You could have got a decent option had the Democrats not rigged the entire primary against Bernie… I worry for you, America. If only I could muster a glimmer of hope that the Democrats come to their senses and exclude Hillary from the nomination due to all the legal baggage she’s carrying, but they probably won’t. The ship is sinking and they’re too busy going “la la la nothing’s wrong” to notice. Pretty much the only reasons they’ve given for Americans to vote for her are:

  1. She’s a woman, and;
  2. She’s not Donald Trump.

As the author of a Rational Feminist Manifesto I am not liking number one at all. They are implying that her being a woman is the main quality, which isn’t what feminism is all about. Besides, we’re heading for a genderless society where distinctions between male, female and everything inbetween will be blurred. Her gender doesn’t matter to me, especially in this western society where there are very few barriers stopping women from doing whatever the hell they want. Regarding the second point, she may not be Donald Trump but she’s still Hillary Clinton.

The Hillary nomination is going to lead to a Trump presidency. Everyone’s been saying it, but the Democrats still nominated her. As a result, half the delegates walked out and the party will remain fractured until they come to their senses and dump her. Which will be forever.