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Let’s discuss the Rekodenz flag!

As an amateur vexillologist and worldbuilder there are few things i enjoy more than designing flags for my creations. Rekodenz wouldn’t be an exception, would it?

The answer is no.

In a recent post I used a picture of the Rekodenz flag as illustration. This is where I elaborate on the design:


Much of modern (204th century HE) Rekodenzian society was built with full cooperation between the Rekodenzians- represented in lilac, the colour of soil- and humans- represented by the colour of the “Blue Planet” from which they came. The white symbolises peace in many human and Rekodenzian cultures, recognising that this was a cooperation of harmony and that there should be no attempt to drive a wedge between indigenous Rekodenzians and humans as parties such as the UP attempt to do.

I shall update this post regularly with variants, so please check back!