Monthly Archives: July 2018

Yet more updates

I will be deleting this blog very soon in order to launch a new, less blog-focused, personal website. It will include sections for my writing, conlanging and music, as well as links to my Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.


In case you missed it, my new album will be titled Someday You’ll Be a Star! and will be released in the next month. I don’t have an exact date yet, but there will be an announcement closer to the time.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. I Can’t See
2. Everyday
3. Red Jean Blues (orchestral cut)
4. Rudolph Randolph
5. Silly Hate Songs
6. Automaton
7. Boomeron/Zoomeron
8. Better Living Through Self-Amputation
9. I Can’t See (part 2)

I am looking for money to buy new recording equipment and register my preferred URL and as such donations would be greatly appreciated: