Monthly Archives: January 2018

One year on

Well, it’s been one year since the world’s greatest comedian came into office. One year of sheer hilarity communicated through the type of inepitude that would get anyone in a lesser position fired.

When Donald isn’t engaging in a cold war with an equally incompetent leader, he’s calling countries he doesn’t like “shitholes” and banning people from said countries from entering the US with a complete disregard for their still rebuilding from natural disasters which all but destroyed them.

Is this how a world leader should act? No! While world leaders have every right to an opinion, they should do it in a dignified manner that befits their position. As representatives of their country, they should give off a good impression. Even Bush could give an air of dignity to his constant warmongering, no doubt assisted by his many aides.

So thank you Donald for making politics even more of a shithole.