Pigeons without wings

Passing through St. Mary’s subway (not to be confused with the restaurant inside the Spar at the BP on the corner of Bramall Lane and John Street… bit of a mouthful that one!) today I noticed a very large, very dead rat.

Having got my shirt (and having sensibly waited until they were down to £25, £55 is way too much for a football shirt even if it is Adidas), I passed by to see that the rat was gone.

So where did it go, I wonder?

There are a lot of beggars on the subway, and given the treatment of the UK’s homeless in recent times it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Failing that it could have been bodily assumed up to rat heaven, where endless rivers of sludge flow and traps and poison are strictly banned. Failing failing that it could just have been having a nap.

I don’t know.


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