Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I sensed a ghost while my eyes were closed.

It wasn’t too big, roughly about the size of my torso. Instead of being in the form of a human it looked more like a cross between a cartoon ghost and a fat worm. It was dark grey and had no eyes that I could make out, only a round, permanently open mouth on its front.

I don’t think sleep paralysis is an adequate explanation for this- I don’t recall being paralysed and got up immediately after scared that a loved one had died (fortunately, that wasn’t the case). It could be a hypnogogic hallucination but I have no history of such. Or, jumping from the physical to the metaphysical, it could be a breaking down between this world and the next. What if it was the real Grim Reaper? I have been having a feeling of death at night recently. Maybe it was trolling me.


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