Rekofacts: Full-immersion gaming

Fully-immersive simulator games powered by the brainchip are the top form of entertainment on Rekodenz.

The majority download games, the most popular titles being MMOs and shmups, just like on 2017 Earth. The most popular MMOs routinely have over five hundred billion players from all over Rekodenz and Earth (the game is offered in Anglic, Yuniyu and Emogo in addition to Standard Rekodenza and a number of other indigenous languages) playing at any one time. The Rekodenzian movie industry is generally limited to art films (of both varieties) due to the popularity of gaming.

Simulator parlours are also popular as they enable more powerful games to be played for a small fee (usually 10,000,000 credits) per play. Some, such as in Central City Xotopane where there are believed to be over fifty thousand, are so popular that queues can stretch for over a mile outside and patrons are restricted to three plays or thirty minutes per session. A reason for this popularity is that many outlets offer physical prizes for points collected while playing, ranging from keyrings and candy to penthouse apartments.

Regardless of the context, I see this being the future of gaming.


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