Catch 22, Trump style

I can see Trump threatening to quit if he doesn’t get his own way with regards to the Muslim ban.

Millions want him to already, but he knows that if he goes the country will be plunged into even more chaos. The anti-Trump side will probably not be sated for long as the replacement will most likely be Mike Pence. In the US there has been a lot of fear of the religious right gaining power, and understandably so especially with regards to the rights of the LGBT community.

Pence, like so many in the religious right, believes that LGBT people should not be a protected class. He signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, which allows people to discriminate on “religious” grounds. He also takes the side of those who believe that transgender people should use the toilets of their birth gender. If you are so concerned about “men” in the ladies’ toilet, don’t you realise that this act will lead to people who are physically, visibly and legally male having to use that particular toilet? Didn’t think that one through, did you?

Pence will also most likely push for his predecessor’s ban on people from Muslim countries entering the US, as well as his other controversial plans such as removing white nationalist groups from lists of violent organisations. Now why would anyone do that? Imagine the right’s reaction if a Democrat president removed violent Islamist groups from the list and nothing else. Exactly. The double standards here are mind boggling.

Please note that I am obviously NOT pushing for the Muslim ban. It is stupid and undemocratic and that’s just the beginning. What I’m saying is that Trump resigning will be a lose-lose situation unless a second election is called, which is very unlikely given the Republican dominance of the Electoral College, House and Senate.


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