In the morning I wash with Pears soap and eat Kellogs cereal with Tetley tea. I then go into the fields and check on my Google Cows and Apple iChickens.

Then to the village shop, owned by Walmart, then I attend Mass at the village church under the auspices of Unilever.

After Mass, I get back and hand-slaughter a Google Cow with my trusty Johnson and Johnson knife. Then I have a nap for a few hours in my Toshiba bed before milking the rest of the Google Cows with my Microsoft Milking Device.

For tea I have some Google Cow milk milked with the Microsoft Milking Device and the Google Cow steak from the earlier slaughter. Mmm mm.

That night I shower with Ford shower gel and dry my hair with a Tesco drier.

Then back to my Toshiba bed to dream of the Electric Sheep corporation.


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