Inserting political commentary into irrelevant contexts

…is stupid.

And this is coming from someone who is vocally and proudly anti-Trump. It seems people want to turn the anti-Trump movement into a pissing contest and they will insert their political commentary into the most irrelevant contexts, from sports to STEM lessons to music reviews to prove that they are more anti-Trump than anyone else.

I have no doubt it will die down eventually, but how eventually is that? There will be some form of protest outside the White House until Trump is out of office, whether by losing the 2020 election, stepping aside in 2024 or impeachment. As much as we hate Trump, we cannot keep focusing on him. It will get tedious to the point that people will want to support Trump just to piss you off (as CNN and other unapologetically pro-Hillary outlets learned the hard way)!

If you want to protest outside the White House or even your local town hall, be my guest. Trump is a tyrant and must be stopped. Constantly bringing it up when irrelevant isn’t going to do it though.


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