On leaving Chapter 25

At the beginning of Chapter 25, the hero Bernard the Brave entered my life. I supported him in his valiant effort to take down the Establishment, a cabal of darkness enveloping the electorate of Freedomia. Although he eventually lost the fight, the Establishment and their Lady Hillary were eventually slaughtered by the tyrannical Ye Donalde. By the end of the chapter, Ye Donalde had enacted draconian laws forbidding much of Gaia from entering Freedomia.

The people of Albion, empowered in hatred of Emperor Kam Eron, voted against his dream of staying in Europa. This drove the Emperor into retirement and led to Ye Donalde’s wife Emperess Tree Sah replacing him.

Famous Gaians continued to drop like flies.

My work remained unfinished.

I remained Szin.

As I enter Chapter 26 I vow to finish my work. I may never get to defeat Ye Donalde, but they say the pen is mightier than any sword.


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