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So the Super Cola™ people are giving me grief for not promoting their flavoured fizzy water enough. *sigh* Here goes…

Drink Super Cola™. The official soft drink of the Sealand Olympic team! Sealand’s Bert Posthlewaite set a new national record of 46.5 seconds in the one hundred metres at Rio! His secret?

Super Cola™! It’s colarific™!

And try new Super Cola™ Zero- none of the taste, all of the sugar!

Super Cola™ Zero- it’ll make your teeth fall out™!


My sleep schedule needs a kick up the pants

It leaves my mind blank and screws up every other schedule I maintain- my exercise schedule, my eating schedule, my working schedule.

Yet it doesn’t seem to give a damn.

I sleep for hours but wake up tired.

My thyroid levels appeared normal last checkup and that was during another attack of whatever it is so that’s out of the question.

What’s going on?

When I take a bite of something…

…and something I don’t like is in there without me knowing, the feeling of revulsion is the worst. It’s particularly galling when not only did it sound nice but it was on offer too.

I still feel dirty now. I probably will still feel dirty in a week. Not even copious amounts of food and drink can get it out of my mouth and system.

This is OCD.

I wish I could just go on living my life like everyone else.

Instead I have to internally punish myself for no reason at all.

On Mother Earth’s seven sisters from another mis-star

So I assume you’ve all heard about the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system. This is a massive move ahead for humankind, and even if we don’t find intelligent life (which is unlikely given the system’s tidal locking) it gives us seven hopes for survival after the Sun expands and fries our beautiful planet in billions of years time.

Of course, we need to develop the technology to sustain a bunch of lucky humans for the centuries it could take to travel 37 light years first. The first intergalactic cooperative? Besides, 37 light years is nothing to somebody who looks beyond the very fabric of the universe for answers. Maybe sometime in the distant future we will be able to teleport to the planet of our choice, be it Mars, a rig floating on Jupiter or one in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

I for one can’t wait until light years are as simple as miles.

Windy Doris

I don’t get why we’ve started naming storms.

It just seems like a pale imitation of the American system. The American system which names EXTREME storms, those with a high change of killing people or causing major damage.

Our storms very rarely kill anyone, a couple of tiles may blow off at the very most.

And now I’ve just tempted fate.