Okay, something that doesn’t have anything to do with Trump for once

I’m close to taking on the Elite Four in Moon and am doing my customary grind beforehand. Yet it’s no fun when you’re always at the risk of SOS battles (“the wild Wailord called for help!”).

These can turn a simple thirty second battle into a ten minute slog. You’ve defeated the other Wailord and are going to finish off the original. But wait! “The wild Wailord called for help!”


And you’ve got ANOTHER Wailord to contend with! Yes, there is NO LIMIT to how many times a Pokémon may call for help. Sure, it increases your chances of getting a shiny, but I’m not here for shiny collecting just yet. And the chances are still in the 1/1000th range at 255 calls for help from what I recall.

To avoid SOS battles you must either defeat easy opponents in one go for minimum experience or hit them with a status move. Right now, the only pure status move in my party is Yawn and that only takes effect one turn later, meaning the wild Pokémon can easily call for help at the end of the current turn. My beloved Arcanine’s Flamethrower only has a small probability of burning. I should take Raichu out of the PC and use her Nuzzle.

But if you don’t have any status moves in your party, you’re screwed.

Thanks Game Freak.


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