The emperor has no clothes

Dear Donald,

I am an open critic of the “fake news” being spread by supposedly legitimate outlets in order to push an agenda. You seemed like one too, until it became clear that you wanted all “fake news” banned except your own.

You’re using the same tactics that you have criticised so many times in the past. You’ve criticised Kim Jong-un, most of us have, but you’re no different. Any opinion that isn’t 100% praising the Supreme Leader of the United States gets bashed by your informal army of defenders. Just like Crooked Hillary. And this is just in the first week of your reign. Given your recent ban on citizens of certain Muslim nations entering the US and your support of waterboarding, I can only think of the punishments you would enact were you to make criticism officially illegal. I clearly remember the scaremongering from the same people who brigade those who criticise you- “oh Obama is going to make it illegal to criticise him!”- and they want you to do the same with yourself!

Oh, and the wall. You didn’t pull off talks with Vicente Fox regarding it, Vicente Fox did. You could lock Stevie Wonder in an underground concrete room painted in black pitch and he could still see that.


Yours in the unity of all human beings,


PS: Can’t you and Teresa just shag already? I’m getting sick of waiting for the inevitable.


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