Imagine a place

Where criticising the government is illegal, even in private.

Where cameras pick up what language you speak at home.

Where the same cameras watch your public toilet preference and method.

Where who you go to bed with is in a national database.

Where other countries engage in human rights abuses and the government doesn’t care.

Where you are turned away from hospitals with life-threatening injuries if you don’t have insurance.

Where slavish government devotees will accuse you of being a “Zionist puppet” if you dare criticise the regime.

Where your best friend is put on another database because he wears a turban. Never mind that he’s a Sikh or that the Shahs across the road make their house the brightest of them all for Christmas.

Now stop imagining it and return to reality.

Because this will be Trump’s America sooner rather than later.


One thought on “Imagine a place

  1. codeinfig

    i doubt very much youre going to be accused of being a “zionist puppet” if you dont “agree with the regime.”

    trump is very pro-israel. his comments about jews being good accountants dont change that. youre more likely to be accused of being an “anti-semite” if you disagree with the “regime.” probably not by trump himself, as hes very politically incorrect.

    “fake news” IS just about rumors on the internet. thats why we didnt need billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fight it. thats why its FUNNY to accuse cnn of being no better, because “fake news” is a mainstream (corporate) media propaganda term.

    the world is so full of sh**, it almost deserves leaders that are. that doesnt mean you have to parrot what it says.

    if you dont like fake news, the solution is simple– check your facts more. anyone can do that.



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