The how and why of Trump

Donald Trump was sworn in today amid apparently peaceful surroundings. Family, friends, ministers and four of the five living ex-presidents watched as he took the oath of office. Meanwhile, protests took place not only in DC but around the world. He seemed unelectable, a polarising figure with a total of zero days political experience and most of the world against him.

So how did he get into office?

Well, the Democrats foistered Hillary Clinton onto the people instead of the candidate the people wanted, even going as far as to hack voting machines to favour Clinton in the primaries. And they still have the guts to say “Russia” was doing the exact same thing in the main event! Shifting the blame to the current boogeyman instead of acknowledging their candidate’s faults because in the era of fashion-accessory feminism we must believe a woman of power is absolutely perfect or else we’re dirty sexists. Let’s see:

  • Campaigned for pro-segregation candidate Barry Goldwater in the 1960s
  • Mocked a rapist’s underage victim when a lawyer in Arkansas
  • Called black youths “superpredators” that “needed to be brought to heel”
  • Kept classified and top secret emails on a private server
  • Openly supported fracking including the controversial Dakota Pipeline
  • Took money from corporations while campaigning in clear violation of US election rules
  • Always looked out for the one percent and not the people- if you heard Trump’s speech today you will KNOW that’s a big reason why he won
  • Made it clear that she wanted to start a second Cold War
  • Pandered to ethnic minority groups and millenials in some of the most hamfisted ways ever seen, including using mariachi bands to campaign in a heavily Hispanic area and constant Pokémon Go references at the height of the app’s popularity
  • Constantly changing positions to match the left-wing political climate
  • And much MUCH more

The existence of the Benghazi emails in particular was long out in the open before she officially launched her campaign. And yet she expected people to still vote for her solely because she wasn’t Trump. Nobody bought it, not even after she rigged the primaries in a bid to MAKE Democrats vote for her. Bernie Sanders supporters were understandably disgusted and many went over to Jill Stein and other progressive candidates in the same way that many Republicans switched to Gary Johnson after Trump’s nomination. And now there is a push from the Democrats, in an oh-so-feminist gesture that is SURE to bring Americans together, to blame the election results on every single white woman in America because a very slight majority within the demographic voted for Trump.

There is only one white woman that needs to be blamed for President Trump and that is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.


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