Microsoft keeps pushing the envelope- I mean Edge

Another trip to the brilliant /r/assholedesign, another round of Microsoft fuckery.


Yes, Microsoft is using its own search engine to push Edge propaganda to new Windows 10 users looking for a completely unrelated rival browser. And before you say “well, Google advertises Chrome too”, not on searches for Firefox it doesn’t. To my knowledge anyway, I use both ABP and Ublock Origin. And anyway, Microsoft take it a step further with actual video ads taking up the entire screen! How explicitly pushy can you get? I still half expect them to uninstall rival browsers without user permission.

And here’s a hint for those who use Firefox and DON’T want to use Edge for PDFs- drag the downloaded PDF from the downloads tab into a new tab. Show Microsoft you want nothing to do with this retooled Internet Explorer.


One thought on “Microsoft keeps pushing the envelope- I mean Edge

  1. Andrew |

    Well, it’s not like they were dragged into court for forcing their browser on people’s computers…..wait, they were, lol. I partly can’t blame them, but their tactics are below the belt even for Microsoft’s already low standards.

    I’ve just recently switched to Firefox from Chrome because of the 20 processes that load every time I boot my laptop all labeled “Google Chrome”. Firefox doesn’t start until I hit the icon.

    I stopped using my forced IE/Edge when I left my last job as they developed their entire intranet on Microsoft proprietary code that didn’t ever work in Chrome or Firefox (I tried). IE sucks!



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