Microsoft has officially gone too far

I love /r/assholedesign even though it’s updated rather infrequently. One of the new posts, however, is VERY incriminating towards a certain Redmond-based company…

Basically, new Windows units no longer let you select your preferred browser at install. It’s Edge as standard. “Well,” I hear you say. “Easy, I’ll just use it once to get Firefox or Chrome.”

“I don’t think so!” I hear Edge reply. Take a look at THIS:


That’s right, /u/Mrunibro used both Firefox and Edge to access the Chrome website. Guess which one “can’t reach it”? Either Edge is playing up or (more likely given what we know of their tactics) it is OUTRIGHT BLOCKING ACCESS TO INSTALL RIVAL BROWSERS, WHICH GOES BEYOND “ASSHOLE DESIGN” AND INTO BEING ILLEGAL. They clearly didn’t learn their lessons from the IE and 7 fiascos. One day I half expect to wake up and find my beloved Firefox gone from my system without an explanation.

Nobody wants to use the successor to a browser with such a horrible reputation, Microsoft. So stop bullying us into it.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft has officially gone too far

  1. w1nt3l

    Indeed. Microsoft has been doing this kind of thing since the beginning by leasing DOS to IBM and getting a cut of every unit sold. My suspicion in this case is that Edge just sucks and had trouble figuring out the Internet, lol. It really is that bad.


  2. codeinfig

    hold on, i will dial the doj… *beep beep boop beep boop*

    “hello, welcome to ms-doj. if youd like english, press one. espanol, prensar dos… *boop*

    “if youd like to complain about the 1st amendment, press 1. if youd like to complain about how microsoft is forcing users into using bundled software options, press 2.” *beep*

    “please wait while we transfer you…” / “hi! this is steve ballmer, head of the department of justice. you know what matters to use at the doj, dont you? its all about lobbyists! lobbyists! lobbyists! you can use the edge web browser to access the doj website…” *click* “hello, this is sandeep, what is complaining about internets browser today?”

    — i dont disagree with anything youre saying in the post, but to quibble over the title… they always go too far. its always official. then they just buy the officials. rinse and repeat. they will always do this.



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