The spinal blurb

Sounds like a horrible disease, doesn’t it?

What is is really is a depressing  trend gripping physical publishing.

In a time when physical books are losing out to their digital brethren, publishers feel the need to let the casual browser at the book shop know straight off the bat that this is one not to miss. So they put a quote from a glowing review on the SPINE of the book as though front and back as well as up to five pages inside weren’t enough. Fletcher’s Law: if there are blurbs on the cover as well as spanning over two pages inside, it’s probably crap.

And what about digital books? No spines, covers or any other bells and whistles and you can just skip ahead. Are we to see blurbs in the middle soon?

Rodney pulled out. He put his shirt back on and went straight for a cigarette.

“The plot is (the dog’s) bollocks.”- Reviewy Reviewer, the Review of Reviews

“It’s absolutely outstanding that… this book is a load of… decent writing.”- Honest Bob, Altrincham Advertiser

“Makes 50 Shades look like War and Peace.”- Edna, church tea group in Goole

Leaving the fags at home was one of his rare good ideas…

A textual version of those horrible popup boxes on the internet. Oh yes I shall rant about those one day. “Subscribe to our FREE newsletter to continue reading this article we stole from a far superior website! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for a chance to be entered into a prize draw to win a signed copy of Rodney’s Rod by Angus Prolapse!” No doubt when all books are digitised we will be subjected to similar.


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