Microsoft at it again!

Microsoft forcing software onto its users again
Courtesy of the brilliant /r/AssholeDesign on Reddit:


This is just par for the course for the men, women and others from Redmond. We all know about how they forced Internet Explorer on Windows users for many years. They had to be sued to end the practice. Not learning their lesson, years later they began bullying people into installing Windows 10, sometimes even without their permission. They ended up in court again over it after an older system was irrepairably damaged by an update the user didn’t even ask for. Now they’re at it again with Edge.

Edge, not to be confused with the gaming magazine or the retired professional wrestler, is Microsoft’s supposedly “new and improved” successor to IE. In the Anniversary Update, it turned Edge into the default PDF reader even if one had a reader installed on ses other browser. Now it’s going further, with what’s likely a blatant lie to boot. What next, a popup every time you open Firefox or Chrome saying “upgrade to Edge now”?


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