In between wrestling with an alleged “clipon” bow tie that doesn’t clip on and a late exercise session, I am making my new year’s resolutions.

  • To lose weight. This has been up there for years.
  • To work hard. No more distractions.
  • To add to my wardrobe clothes of every colour. I don’t discriminate, except against feminine clothes. Those are ick to me. See bow tie dilemma above.
  • To finally get these wisdom teeth out. They are killing me.
  • To finally get an exercise bike where the left pedal doesn’t fall off every five minutes. Or fix the existing one to a tolerable standard.
  • To be more antiestablishment. There are establishment hacks who want me jailed for saying the truth. Well I’m not going to stop. Besides, aren’t you too busy starting a war with Russia to care?

Happy New Year folks, here’s to one with fewer famous people dying.


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