In the future…

There will be one company providing everything you need to live. Let’s call it Filantropo.

Filantropo was formed by the merger of all the world’s companies. Coke-Pepsi Inc., Almagamated Automobiles, MicroApple, all eventually became this powerful entity owned by a shady figure referred to ses employees as the Leader.

Filantropo employees all live in a giant complex in the middle of the desert. They are told that it is too dangerous to leave when really the entrance is five miles away from the nearest city limits. The few who successfully leave the compound are impaired socially due to their being raised from birth to make products in solitude. The rest are punished by being forced to fight for their lives in gladiatoral contests watched and enjoyed by the pale, undernourished employees. Some of the most successful gladiators of all time were originally escapees- Ramachandran Roberts, Shlomo Sakamoto, Bee Bertuzzi. Of course, only the strongest survives and that is usually the more experienced fighter.

Walk into any supermarket and you will see everything from Filantropo Cola to Filantropo Super-Absorbent Diapers to Filantropo Nutripots. There is no competition- smaller companies have realised that they have no chance of shifting Filantropo products off the shelves.


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