Wake up

What is “fake news”?

Fake news is all around you and its greatest purveyor is the mainstream media!

Fake news helps to elevate the government’s wanted position above others. During the US primaries, the Democrat media elevated Hillary Clinton while slamming Bernie Sanders with slander. Sanders, they reported, had no respect for women, no respect for ethnic minorities, no respect for the LGBT community. All of these statements are untrue.

Having helped Clinton to a primary “victory”, they set about pumping her up next to Donald Trump. They denied reports of her health failing, even going as far as to take down videos of her collapsing at a 9/11 memorial service. HLN, the women’s lifestyle arm of CNN, fired longtime presenter Dr. Phil for the heinous crime of saying that Hillary was in bad health. They denied the damning things revealed by Wikileaks during the election season, parroting the warhawk Democrat line of “Russian hackers”. Meanwhile, they attacked Trump at every given opportunity instead of offering a balanced look at both candidates.

The Clinton victory they tried to engineer did not materialise, and they moved onto blaming “fake news” for a man who never held political office and had extreme right-wing views beating their oh-so-qualified candidate.

The irony.


One thought on “Wake up

  1. w1nt3l

    Indeed. Fake news was rampant and it was difficult to tell the crap from the truth. I am assuming that there was at least some truth to be seen. The trend will continue I’m afraid, the majority of Americans don’t bother to check their sources.



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