Into the Warp Pipe

I posted quite a scathing review of Super Mario Run yesterday, but now I’m finding myself rather hooked.

There’s still no excuse for locking out a good portion of the game to people who aren’t willing to pony up real money. I figured out that one can get Toad Tickets through collecting all five red (then purple, then blue…) coins in a single player level, but that supply will soon be exhausted and I am not willing to rely on the bonus game where there’s only a 50/50 chance of getting a ticket.

At the time of review I was not used to the controls (or rather control) and I therefore feel that I was a little harsh on them. They’re quick to get into, which is an obvious must for mobile games, but also versatile. All the moves avaliable to the little Italian plumber in the console games are here and doable.

So Nintendo, I apologise. You’ve made a good game but all it needs is it somehow entirely playable for free players. I don’t care if I have to get 10,000 coins to unlock a single level, just do it.


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