We have always been at war with Russia

The mainstream US media’s pushing of the “Russian hacker” narrative is step one towards the US becoming Orwell’s wet dream.

The logical conclusion: Obama, on his final day, declares war on Russia. The mainstream media will inform a frightened public that “We have always been at war with Russia”. The plan is to keep the public ignorant to keep the war-happy Democrats (who are supposed to be the left-wing party) in power after Trump’s inauguration. Ignorance is power.

Or at least the mainstream media thinks so. We’re attached to the rest of the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week through a little medium called the internet. A quick glimpse through Twitter or Facebook, even Instagram, will reveal the truth about the alleged “Russian hackers”. Hillary Clinton lost the election in part (there are many, many more reasons which I have outlined previously) because people learned to tune out of the narrative and get their news independently. Has that not registered to them?

It is well-known through Wikileaks that members of the mainstream media were in cahoots with Hillary’s campaign to smear Bernie Sanders during the primary season and to push the “Russians” story during the tail end of the presidential campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government was communicating their latest spins with them.


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