Russian to conclusions

Why did Hillary Clinton lose?

Well let’s see. She planted a mole in her opponent’s campaign, she paid people to troll her opponents’ supporters on the internet, she stole the entire primary season which only served to alienate many of her opponent’s supporters further, she broke campaign rules by taking money from speaking engagements after the start of her campaign, she clearly was not in good health, she supported TPP, she supported fracking, she had an attitude towards ethnic minorities which was condescending at best (mariachi bands to get out the Latino vote? Really?) and offensive at worst (“we’ve got to bring them to heel”), she claimed to support LGBT rights then was exposed by Wikileaks as being homophobic and only doing it for the vote, she recieved top secret emails on a personal account and then deleted them, several people who worked against her died in mysterious circumstances and she couldn’t stop blathering on about “the Russians”.

In short, it had nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with the Democrats putting out a candidate who was so flawed and with so much baggage that the openly racist, xenophobic and sexist candidate with no political background whatsoever and a VP who supports LGBT conversion therapy seemed like the lesser of two evils for many Americans.

The Democrat powers that be have taken the Red Scare to levels which would make McCarthy blush, and anybody with half a brain knows that this state-sponsored conspiracy theory is a bid to get Hillary into the White House and start a war with Russia. There are very strong echoes of what is happening in the Gambia right now with the ruling party rejecting the recent election results and calling for a second one- probably to appear less totalitarian.

That’s right, Gambia. An African military regime.

Anyone who thinks the US is above banana republic tactics is sorely mistaken.

Land of the free? Really?


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