Un-American News

Remember when “fake news” was just rumours on the internet about a random C-list celebrity dying? Now it appears to be anything that goes against the US Government-sponsored narrative.

The Un-American News Committee, also known as propornot.com, claims to be

an independent team of concerned American citizens with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise.

What it really is an operation, possibly with government ties (more on that later), accusing news outlets of dissemating “Russian propaganda”. The listed sites are diverse in viewpoint and audience, ranging from far-left to far-right, with some explicitly neutral. There are black nationalist sites and white nationalist sites represented. Others still are individual blogs. Notables listed include Russia Today (well what else are they going to report on?) and Wikileaks. Both are respected, highly accurate (Wikileaks being 100% accurate considering it’s a database of unedited government leaks) publications.

And in a show of chutzpah up there with Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that young woman”, it denies the McCarthy comparisons. We all heard Bill’s wife mentioning “the Russians” multiple times during the presidential debates, hinting at her aspirations of starting another Cold War. And people wonder why Trump was elected? Here’s what PON has to say:

we are calling for formal investigations by the US government, because we think the American people have the right to know when foreign governments are trying to mess with them.

Just like Hillary. And this, alongside the anonymity, leads me to believe that they are involved in government themselves.



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