Continuing on from last night…

I went to the nurse this morning for nutrition advice. To begin with I was weighed and have lost five pounds, which is a good start. We got to discussing my dietary changes and she commended what I had been doing so far, giving me some further advice and a leaflet from the BHF to ponder.

One of the things mentioned in the BHF leaflet was the idea of going on a meatfree day once every week. I know the McCartneys openly promote “Meatfree Mondays” not only to get people healthier but to encourage full-time vegetarianism. Now full-time vegetarianism would not suit someone like me with a history of anaemia and a love of meat, but there are some very nice meat substitutes I have tried:

  • Quorn- Quorn’s a good one, not too flavoursome on its own but in a curry or a bolognese you can’t tell the difference.
  • Falafels- What more needs to be said? There aren’t too many good things coming out of the Middle East at this moment, but this will always remain a constant favourite.
  • Veggie burgers- I am a very picky eater and as such reject most veggie burgers, but last year or so I had some “Moroccan burgers” of rice, chickpeas and spices from Sainsburys which were pretty decent.

As far as the other carnivore six days, white meat, preferrably without the skin, is advised.

And finally, I was sorted out with a new wrist splint in a larger size, keeping the other in case my weight drops to the point that I can wear it comfortably. This is far better with less rubbing and more room. One may call it a placebo effect, but I feel that my hand is getting stronger with it on. Here’s to it sorting out the numbness.


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