[otherwise unnecessary disclaimer] Yes, I know, a Donald Trump reference. Before anyone gets on my back, I supported Bernie Sanders and then Jill Stein and think Trump is a racist, sexist idiot who will drive America into the ground. [/otherwise unnecessary disclaimer]

I have been on a health regime for one week following consultation with my doctor. So here’s what I’ve been doing to try and #MakeSzinHealthyAgain:

  • I have been sleeping less during the day, as this makes food eaten prior turn into fat.
  • I have also been sleeping less in general as this causes me to skip meals, forcing me to snack throughout the night. I now eat three meals a day and a light supper
  • When I snack, I snack on fruit or raw veg
  • I have cut out all eating after midnight
  • I use my exercise bike for at least sixty minutes a day, and;
  • I have limited my pop intake to two servings a day, replacing it with water. It’s usually diet pop, but still…

I get weighed tomorrow morning so I will see if this has paid any dividends, but I’m definitely feeling fitter and thinner already.


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