Crappal tunnel

I have a doctors’ appointment on Thursday (as well as one at the autism service, THEN some Christmas shopping so it’s going to be a long day… *sigh*) so I am definitely asking for a looser-fitting splint.

This splint is so tight that, firstly, it has come close to giving me sores. Only a tubular bandage under it has prevented any further rubbing. Secondly- and this is quite critical concerning my occupation and current events- is that the splint is not making symptoms better but worse. I am experiencing weakness and pain, signs of later-stage carpal tunnel. This deteriation is in spite of my performing stretching exercises to try and help in freeing the problematic nerve, and it seems that unless I get this splint changed I will need an operation, not handy (unintentional pun there) considering I have nine months of coursework beginning in January.

Pretty much everything I pride myself in is done with my hands (fnarr fnarr). I hope this problem resolves FAST.


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