A Precrime agent hard at work

Under the guise of “think of the children”, the Government wants to spy on YOUR internet activity. Yes, rooting out paedophiles is a good thing, especially in a culture where child sex abuse has been revealed to be endemic, but like so many “well-intentioned” ideas I feel this could fall flat on its face.

In fact, it could end up being the Minority Report brought to life.

They want to see if you search for anything or go on any sites that MAY lead to other things. The keyword, pun slightly intended, being “may”. Let’s say somebody inadvertantly clicks on a link that leads to suspected child porn and immediately clicks off, realising ses mistake. Would the Precrime software detect this false positive? I’m leaning towards no. And we’re not just talking about kiddie fiddling here. For example, a military historian may want to Google the guns se is interested in, with absolutely NO intention of purchasing (or attempting to purchase) them. Precrime will detect this and send the local finest to their door, leading to months and months of unnecessary wrangles.

Not only are the Dickian implications creepy, your internet history being on show obviously is. Do you want the Government knowing your taste in porn? That you buy your bondage gear on Amazon? That you secretly like Cliff Richard?

And finally, as mentioned above, there are hundreds of reports coming out of historic child sex abuse going on in many high-profile UK circles including the Government. This suggests to me they only want to stop those paedophiles who don’t hold a seat in Parliament or the House of Lords.

You make your bed, you’d better lie in it.


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