Occupational hazard

I have been experiencing numbness in the back of my hand for several weeks now, so I went to the doctor this afternoon/evening to see what it was. I thought it might have been a trapped nerve in my neck, but no. From a writers’ perspective, it was far worse.

Carpal tunnel.

While I state it as an occupational hazard, which it most likely is as I’ve been using computers on a near daily basis since I was 11, it’s also partially genetic. My mother, grandmother and aunt all had it, my mother’s case being so bad she had to undergo surgery while heavily pregnant with my brother due to fears she would drop the baby. I’m glad it was caught before it got that bad (I had my first case of all-hand tingling about two hours before the appointment), but I still have to wear a splint for the next six months or so. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but most of my typing is done with the fingers so my speed isn’t severely impacted. Am making typos and hitting the caps lock key more than I’d like though and I will have to get used to writing and drawing with it on.

Physical writers’ block- the price I pay to entertain you all 🙂


One thought on “Occupational hazard

  1. w1nt3l

    I learned to type on an actual typewriter, so that tells you how long I’ve been typing 🙂 Several years ago I adopted an ergonomic keyboard and brushed up on proper posture at a desk, so my carpal tunnel is still there, but hasn’t gotten any worse. Hope that it doesn’t impact you’re typing any further, however there are programs that are very good at converting speech to text now 🙂 I use Naturally Speaking on occasion for what I call “free thinking”; same as free writing without the actual writing.



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