On Yoshis

Whilst playing Yoshi’s Woolly World today, I realised that the entire species of Yoshis are referred to in the masculine yet lay eggs.

Here’s my theory as to why: Yoshis reproduce asexually, as seen in the games, making it more than likely that they are unigender and referred to in the masculine for convenience (A little Le Guinish, don’t you think?). They swallow enemies and produce an egg from them. Whether or not these eggs hatch is up for debate because they are more often then not used as projectiles, but it could be the case like with most eggs that many are undeveloped and the Yoshis know this, saving the viable ones. Try playing a Yoshi game knowing that swallowing enemies is like sex to them.

These thoughts happen when you’re trying to take your mind off your favourite football team losing their first in 15 league games. Billy Sharp, I love you but get off penalties now.



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