The brainchip

It is my belief that in the future we will all have a tiny microchip embedded in our brains from birth. I visualise it as a universal communication system not unlike today’s smartphones, controllable with the mind.

With the obvious phone feature I see the first iterations of the brainchip supporting only standard voice calls, but the possibility of calling people “telepathically” is not out of the question. Messaging and internet access would also come as standard. Could you imagine searching the internet with your mind, merely thinking “hotels in London” and getting a ton of results instantly? I think that would be pretty mindblowing and I would not put it past Google testing it right now. As for leisure it would be possible to have a pedometer/sleep analyser app not unlike the Fitbit. Music would be pumped into the brain, able to be taken off one’s computer, downloaded or streamed. An entire library spanning decades would sate the rabid gamer, with the best new titles using the medium to their advantage. The most realistic iteration of Pokémon Go ever? I’m in!

Disadvantages would include the obvious “Big Brother” potential, taking the modern concern of internet surveillance one step further by actually reading minds. Governments could use this to arrest, say, murderers as they’re making their plans- or to stamp out wrongthink as it happens. Another issue is that of driving. Pokémon Go has the absolutely annoying “Pokémon Go should not be played while driving” popup for a reason (I don’t even drive, get it sorted Niantic). The former issue in particular concerns me and I feel that if I was to launch it today, where many governments are at their most Nineteen Eighty-Four, I would have to pull it from the market.

I still see myself getting a brainchip before I die though. Just needs a bit of a snappier name…


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