Why is Black Friday a thing in the UK?

It is so inextricably tied up with an exclusively American holiday that it makes no sense to me. What should we do? Declare the fourth Saturday in November to be “Bugger Off Puritans” day? I mean, they tried to ban lavish festivities in the vein of Thanksgiving. Makes perfect sense!

And of course the consumerism reaches new levels of insanity every year. Queuing for days outside shops to get the latest Frozen toys before someone snatches them out of your hands (I wonder if they have Thanksgiving dinner in line…). Riots and stabbings over cheap flat-screen TVs. The latter in particular is one of the aspects of American culture we look down on, but are willing to ignore it when we’re involved. Because nobody expects a Briton to be that uncivilised, apparently.

I was in Jack Fultons today and they were advertising Black Friday sales. Black Friday sales! In a frozen food shop!

Please let the madness end.


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