The vicious circle

Amaa Taylor was the product of a species mix- ses xaxa a full-blooded Scrublander and ses rara a human from the Eurasian Confederation. Se looked like any typical Reman with ses bluish skin and standing upright, but ses upbringing in both cultures was stronger.

As a result, the UP’s mandatory “human awareness” classes grated on sem. Inaccurate at best, downright offensive at worst.

The chirpy narrator talked about how The human arrived on Rekodenz with one goal- to eradicate us.

Se knew that not to be true. The humans had strict rules against killing off the native population and impinging on their right to a culture. To be against these was to become a pariah.

To this day, the human seeks nothing more but to live out ses power fantasies. The Human Party regularly talks about “making Rekodenz human” and has dismissed us as “primitive”.

More wrongness salted with propaganda- the Human Party were a fringe party openly condemned by the Prime Minister and other political leaders including humans on both Earth and Rekodenz.

There is no such thing as a good human, no matter what they do to “help” us. The only solution is to breed them out. Your identity, your blood, is your greatest asset. Weaponise it.

Amaa got up. “That’s it! The UP and the Humans are one and the SAME! It’s not okay when the Humans say it, but it’s perfectly fine when the UP does? I can’t take this hypocritical crap anymore!” Se stormed out of the room, running into the night and the front pages of the Rekonet.


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