Of sheep and “men”

Destructive screams the American dream a democracy undemocratic.

The friggin’ and the riggin’ breaks the eagle’s left wing only kept flapping by demsoc’s pulse.

Oh wicked witch of the east, what have you done?

You kept the people down and now you pay the price.



The bell tolls for thee.


In a blaze of orange light the ogre rises, taking the south with him.

His sheep bleat like chickens as he implores them to “Make America Great Again”.

Since when was America even great to start with?




One thought on “Of sheep and “men”

  1. w1nt3l

    Interesting point made. Clinton and mainstream media said “jump”. The people said “No” and voted for the other guy to prove a point. The voters proved they still have power to make changes, unfortunately they used Trump to test the theory.



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