Crossing animals

I have rediscovered Animal Crossing: New Leaf after the Welcome amiibo update. You may or may not know that the object of the game is to mayor your town while simultaneously interacting with the citizens.

I consider myself a Sanders-style democratic socialist mayor. I feel that anyone is welcome in my town regardless of race, species, gender or sexual orientation. I also feel that everyone should have a chance to succeed. But it’s kinda hard to implement that into the game. Maybe I should dig out Sim City again…

Besides, I spend 95% of my time not doing mayoral stuff, instead hoarding money to pay off that greedy racoon. Although I do earn 99,999 bells a month interest due to my having five million bells through not having played for so long. And money grows on trees in Animal Crossing! Money for everyone- that’s the ultimate sterotype of socialism right there 😉

Now for amiibo for everyone.


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